Bridgeview Domestic Violence Lawyers

A person arrested for Domestic Violence (also called Domestic Battery) in southwest Cook County, will go to court in Courtroom 204 of the Cook County Circuit Court located in Bridgeview, Illinois.  Southwest Cook County domestic violence arrests, includes arrests in Orland Park, Bridgeview, Palos Heights, Palos Hills, Oak Lawn and and the neighboring towns.  Southwest Cook County is also referred to as the Fifth District of Cook County.

The Cook County courthouse in Bridgeview is located at 10220 S. 76th Ave., Bridgeview, Illinois, 60455.  The Domestic Battery courtroom is located in Courtroom 204, on the second floor in the back of the building.  The Domestic Battery judge begins the court call at 9.00am for Domestic Battery cases.

Domestic violence is a serious allegation, and it is complicated by the fact that many cases are either fabricated or exaggerated by complainants. Being charged with this type of offense is a harrowing experience. When there are children involved, the situation can become even more complex. Family and community members might take sides and encourage the complainant to misuse the legal system. If charges are filed, the tension often escalates. An accused person should seek professional assistance from an experienced domestic violence lawyer in the Bridgeview courthouse.

Domestic Violence Lawyers in Bridgeview

Contacting an effective legal team can be the first step to getting out of a domestic violence situation. It is important to understand that you have legal rights that must be respected. The charge of domestic violence can be made for a variety of actions, which either cause harm or are intended to cause harm. This can include both physical and non-physical actions and words. Provocations, insults, slurs and various types of touching can all be experienced as domestic violence, and our legal team can protect your rights to defend these allegations.

Defining Domestic Violence, Legal Recourse

Every year, large numbers of people are accused and charged with domestic violence. The Defendants are often financially and emotionally dependent on their complainant, and this makes it extremely difficult to deal with the situation and defend the case. There are many types of domestic violence situations, and many types of relationships can be involved. The psychological effect of a criminal accusation are difficult and stressful. . There are situations where family members are involved in the situation, but it can also come from a domestic partner, former spouse or even a roommate.

Felony Domestic Violence Charges

In this state, domestic violence is classified as a misdemeanor offense, and the penalties can be severe. However, there are situations where the violence can escalate to the level of a felony. Determining the exact events that produced the abuse can be complicated, and the courts have to weigh each case individually. This can make it difficult to predict the outcome of cases where child custody, financial stress, infidelity and other personal conflicts are directly related to the incident.

Some types of assaults are classified as felonies, and there is a prison term associated with this level of offense. The same action can carry a higher penalty when the person has a record as a repeat offender. This is often the case when there is a previous conviction for domestic battery or a violation of an order of protection. For example, a simple charge of domestic battery can become a class 2 felony if there is a previous record that shows three convictions for the same offense. Our legal team provides effective representation for domestic violence victims in Bridgeview.

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