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Gus KostopoulosAre you facing criminal charges for a Class C Misdemeanor in Chicago? It is important to understand the potential consequences of a conviction for this crime. Even though a Class C Misdemeanor is the least serious criminal charge you can face, a conviction will still result in a criminal record, which can have lifelong repercussions. Hiring an attorney to handle your defense is the best step you can take if you are facing Class C Misdemeanor charges in Chicago. Call the Kostopoulos Law Group today for more information.

Class C Misdemeanor Offenses in Chicago

Class C Misdemeanors are the least serious criminal offenses that can be charged in Illinois. These offenses are more serious than petty infractions, which carry no possible term of imprisonment, but less serious than other misdemeanor crimes. Some crimes are explicitly stated as Class C Misdemeanors by law, while some petty infractions can be elevated to a Class C Misdemeanor if certain aggravating factors are present. Regardless of why you are charged with a Class C Misdemeanor, the possible range of penalties associated with a conviction will remain the same.

Crimes that can be charged as a Class C Misdemeanor in Chicago include:

Criminal Consequences for a Class C Misdemeanor

Imprisonment and Fines

In Chicago, a Class C Misdemeanor is punishable by a maximum of 30 days in a Cook County Jail and/or a fine of up to $1,500. Courts have the discretion to impose a less harsh criminal sentence but are required to warn you that this is the maximum sentence you can receive if you are convicted.

Alternative Sentencing Options

Class C Misdemeanors are generally minor crimes and a court may not believe that jail time is a proper punishment. Courts have the discretion to impose alternative sentencing options, which can significantly reduce the harshness of the criminal sentence you receive. These options can be imposed in addition to, or instead of, imprisonment and fines. Alternative sentencing options include:

  • Probation;
  • Supervision;
  • Conditional discharge;
  • Restitution to victims;
  • Community service;
  • Periodic imprisonment; and
  • Electronic home monitoring.

Supervision in Class C Misdemeanor Cases

Sometimes the penalties associated with a Class C Misdemeanor are too harsh or are likely to do more harm than good. If a court believes that your criminal behavior is a one-time-only situation, they can sentence you to a term of supervision. This is great news when the alternative is a conviction and permanent criminal record. Supervision is very similar to probation. The main exception is that probation is imposed after you have been convicted of a crime. Supervision is imposed instead of convicting you of a criminal offense. Supervision will require you to follow certain rules and regulations (under the supervision of the court) for a specified period of time. For a Class C Misdemeanor, this will generally be a term of one year or less.

Once you have completed the terms of your supervision the court will dismiss the Class C Misdemeanor charges in your case. This will allow you to walk away from your criminal case without a conviction and without a criminal record. This will help to ensure that your future is unscathed by a burdensome criminal past. Our attorneys will fight to secure supervision in your Class C Misdemeanor case.

Have you or someone you love been arrested and/or charged with a Class C Misdemeanor in Chicago? Contact the Kostopoulos Law Group today for immediate legal assistance with your criminal case. While the jail time and fines associated with a conviction may not seem particularly harsh, a conviction will still result in a criminal record.

The collateral consequences of a criminal record will make your life extremely difficult, affecting your ability to get a job or sign a lease. Our attorneys can help to minimize the consequences of your arrest, but it is important to act quickly. Call us today to set up your free consultation.

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