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Domestic Violence

Aggravated Domestic Battery with a weapon, a felony and misdemeanor Domestic Battery.




Client was charged with her third DUI. Gus was able to convince the court that the police violated the client’s rights.




Client was charged with DUI, officer’s report indicated that client was driving erratically.



Domestic Battery

Client was charged with Domestic Battery of a Child, the police report included photos depicting bruising.


"I could not be more pleased and thankful."

Please read this before you look for another lawyer!! First off, I want to say I am writing this review not because someone asked but because I am so beyond grateful and impressed to have had this group defending me in the court of law. I have never had such exceptional customer service and treated as if I were a high-end long time client. They made me feel like my case was just as important to them as the next. Their articulate steps were given to me in the very beginning to go over what was to be expected and what their goal was. Their rather diligent and speedy efforts to resolve my case couldn’t have been dealt with any better as my case could have gone south real quick. I trusted this group to take full control, let them do their work and they delivered with an outcome I was not expecting. I could not be more pleased and thankful as well as appreciated their flexibility with my payments (that was more than affordable for the hard work they did) as I was in a tight bind at the time. Thank you Joe, Rosemary and everyone else in between who have helped along the way! Your efforts were not unrecognized and I wish your group the best in the future to come! Lets just hope I don’t have to go through this again. If so I’m calling you back!!

Mareena G. | January 2020 -

"He was able to dismiss my case and expunge this legal problem off my record."

I came into some trouble with the law and being my first ever having to hire a lawyer was difficult. When a good friend of mine told me about Joe at Kostopoulos Law Group I had a good feeling about him. Around the time I came into some trouble with the law I was in the process of enlisting for the United States Marines. This court case was stopping me from going any further with my plans of enlisting. I brought the case to Joe and let him know my situation. He was able to dismiss my case and expunge this legal problem off my record. Joe cleared it all up for me and I had little to no worries. I HIGHLY recommended Joe from Kostopoulos Law Group. He will put your mind to ease and take care of your legal trouble. Joe is a very down to earth guy, respectful man, and super friendly. Thank you Joe for taking care of my case I really appreciate it.

Jonathan Guzman | November 2019 -

"Gus, Joe and Rosemary helped in getting my case dismissed."

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Joe and Gus. It is very hard to find a dedicated sincere attorney like Joe. Even if anyone calls their number in the middle of the night, Joe will be there to answer and hear your case for sure. Just like that, few months ago, I got into a very unfortunate circumstance. My wife was worried sick didn’t know what to do, called the Kostopoulos Law firm in the middle of the night, since then, Joe is been supporting me till the case got completely dismissed. Gus, Joe and Rosemary helped in getting my case dismissed. Words are enough to express my gratitude and appreciation for their sincere dedication and hard work. They went above and beyond to make sure I understood what was happening and what needed to be done to get the case completely dismissed and expunged. To say my experience with the Kostopoulos Law group was pleasant would be the biggest understatement. I am forever thankful to them both. If you happen to find yourself if legal troubles I highly recommend the Kostopoulos Law Group.Thank you Gus, Joe and Rosemary!!

Imran Q. | May 2019 -

"Got my felony completely dismissed!"

My family’s lawyer told me that you are top trial lawyers. You won my felony hearing and got my felony completely dismissed! Thank you
Michael L

"I was facing multiple charges of Domestic Battery"

I was facing multiple charges of Domestic Battery , had 3 warrants issued for my arrest and had these stupid charges weighing on me for 6 years, not wanting to face the music. I finally got picked up and with 6 small children at home, there was NO WAY I could afford to have jailtime. Joe listened and asked crucial questions and from the start he told me he would get it dismissed. I was skeptical to say the least. I paid him in 2 payments (he is super flexible) and then waited after the holidays for final court date. Completely dismissed. He will not give you false hope. He is honest, real and the ONLY person I want in my corner. HE IS WORTH EVERY PENNY! Don’t have someone else give you the runaround as most attorneys do. Save yourself the BS and GO WITH JOE !!!

Christina S. | March 2019 -

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