How to Get a BAIID Device in Illinois

When Will the DUI Driver’s License Suspension Start?

The suspension starts 45 days after the arrest.

How Long Will the Driver’s License Suspension Last?

If you blew a .08 or higher, you will be suspended for six months.

If you refused the blow, you will be suspended for one year.

How Can I Find the Date That The DUI Suspension Will Start?

In the next few weeks, the Secretary of State will mail you a letter that notes the dates that the suspension will begin and end.

You can also call the Secretary of State at (217) 782-3619 from 9am to 3pm on Monday through Friday.  The Secretary of State can tell you the start and end dates of the suspension.

Please note that the day the suspension starts, is really midnight of the day before.

Example: If the suspension starts on January 15, that means that you must stop driving before midnight on January 14.

What Happens If I Drive During the DUI Suspension?

A person caught driving during the suspension can be sentenced to up to 364 days in jail.

How Can I Get a Permit to Drive During the DUI Suspension?

You can get authorization to drive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by participating in the MDDP program and getting a BAIID device installed in your car.   

What Should I Do Now in Order to Participate in the MDDP BAIID Program?

Within the next two weeks, you will get a letter like this from the Secretary of State BAIID office. Please fill it out and promptly return it to the Secretary of State.  The Secretary of State will then mail you an MDDP license.

Please take the MDDP license to a certified BAIID installer and have a BAIID device installed.  Here is a list of certified BAIID installers

If you did not get this letter from the Secretary of State BAIID office, please call the Secretary of State BAIID office at (217) 524-0660.  Their fax number is (312) 793-0203.

If you act promptly, you can have the BAIID device installed before the first day of your suspension so that there is no interruption of your driving privileges.

What If I Must Drive a Work Vehicle for My Job?

If you  must drive a work vehicle for your job, you can get authorization to drive that work vehicle without needing to install a BAIID device.  There is information on the MDDP form that you can take to your employer for your employer to fill out.  

What If My DUI Suspension is Thrown Out in Court?

If your suspension is thrown out in court, then you will be able to drive and will not need a BAIID device.

You Must Pay the DUI Reinstatement Fee at the End of the Driver's License Suspension.

You Must Remember to Pay the Reinstatement Fee when the suspension is coming to an an end. It is $250 for a DUI first offender and $500 for a DUI second offender.

Your driving privileges will remain suspended until the reinstatement date. They will not automatically be reinstated on that date.

You must pay a reinstatement fee to the Secretary of State, or else your driving privileges will remain suspended indefinitely until you pay the reinstatement fee.  Furthermore, it will no longer be legal to drive with the BAIID device after the date that the driver’s license is scheduled to be reinstated. 

You can pay by credit card by calling the Secretary of State at 217.782.3619 or by visiting the Secretary of State website.

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