Illinois Laws Domestic Violence

There are a few different laws to consider regarding domestic violence. If you are arrested for any form of domestic violence or are a defendant in an orders for protection case, then contact an attorney who can help. Most of the time, an experienced attorney can go to court for you and help you receive a great outcome on these types of cases.

Domestic Battery
A charge of domestic battery is issued when someone causes any kind of physical harm to a family member or a person who lives in the same home. It can also occur if the person uses insulting language or any kind of provocation against someone who shares the home or is a family member. Most of the time, the charge is a misdemeanor unless the person has prior charges of domestic battery or if there is a protection order in place that has been violated. A jail sentence is typically given if the charge is listed as a felony. If the charge holds as a misdemeanor, then a jail sentence of up to 60 days is possible if the circumstances warrant this type of sentence.

Orders Of Protection
This type of order protects someone who has been abused by a family member or someone else in the home. It also protects an adult who has disabilities from a caretaker. Minor children can be protected as well as those who live in a public shelter. The order can be filed by the person who has been abused or by someone who is acting on the behalf of a minor or another family member who is unable to file to obtain the order. The order can protect against physical contact as well as contact through various media outlets and mobile devices.

Violations Of Orders Of Protection
If someone knowingly makes contact with the victim after an order is in place, then the person violates the order of protection. The act would need to be committed after the person has been served the order and understands the details that are set forth by the judge.

Endangering The Life Or Health Of A Child
A person can be charged with endangerment after causing or allowing any kind of risk to the life or overall health of a child under 18 or if the person places the child in a situation where the child’s life or health could be in danger.

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