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Second allegation of Domestic Battery

Second allegation of domestic battery dismissed: At about 2.30pm the police officer was dispatched to our client’s residence reference to a Domestic Battery.   This was the second allegation of Domestic Battery against our client involving the same accuser (Our law firm had gotten the first one dismissed about two years prior). Upon arrival, the […]

Abraham Lincoln and His Lawyer Career

Abraham Lincoln may be best known as the 16th President of the United States. However, before taking office, Lincoln had already established a successful 25+ year career as an attorney. Lincoln, who had little-to-no formal education as a child, developed many of his presidential qualities and beliefs during his time practicing the law. Here are […]

Real estate investors often require short-term funding solutions

Real estate investors often require short-term funding solutions in order to complete critical transactions. Making a profit in this sector requires a variety of skills, and investors have to be resourceful when it comes to financial solutions. Time is often a factor when attempting to resell properties on the market. The lack of funding can […]

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